I gave this site up for facebook, I’ve been too busy to maintain a blog, and was thinking I’d only repeat myself. I’m thinking of renovating this space as a place to post our newsletters and quick updates. For now, here’s a photo of my darling daughters to decorate the space.



This first baby of mine is growing up and I’m a mess.  She’s only 8 and I’m feeling torn and crazy, and weepy, and overwhelming love and need to protect her, all of them.

 I walked into a school chapel today just in time to catch her very short solo. She never told me she was going to sing all by herself. I was late and I almost missed it. My heart could not contain the emotion and the floodgates in my eyes overflowed. I ALMOST MISSED IT! The sense of near loss just surrounded me and I was dizzy.

When I hear these kids of mine singing out praise to God, I’m overcome. They all love Jesus, and I am amazed and afraid, and confident and terrified, and secure, and anxious… Who will they become? What kind of choices will they make?

 Not long ago I was needing to discipline Anna. I felt so helpless to find a way to teach her, that it’s not me, not her dad that matter. How do I teach these precious daughters of mine that the most important choice they make every day is to live in a way that pleases God? Am I doing that? Do they get it?

 Sometimes I don’t pay enough attention, I miss so much.  So much insight into their hearts and minds. I don’t want to be the parent that show’s up too late and misses out on a really amazing kid.

The most beautiful thing I saw today was the light in Vivian and Anna’s eyes when they realized that I was there for them. It felt good, but there was also pain. 

5:30 am. get up, sneeze a million times, wake anna and vivian to get ready for school. yesterday vivian turned 8. my heart is too full.

5:45 am. throw together a totally unhealthy fast breakfast, I’m too tired to cook or peel fruit.

6:09 am. hug the girls till they can’t breath and see them into the school van. they have an hour to ride to school. at this point i’m glad it’s raining. i don’t feel like walking. txt walking partner to say so. she cheekily lets me know she didn’t even get up.

6:12 am. pay a visit to Jean, my good friend and the branch accountant (always good to be friendly with accounting people). we scheme up a plan to have starbucks coffee in our hands by 7.

6:22 am. jean leaves to get the coffee, i turn on my computer. i should be making stuffing, but i forgot to buy celery. have to wait for helper to arrive with the celery. not ready to get my work out going on the pie crusts.

6:30 am. check the typhoon website, i mean, what’s up with all this rain. yep, there’s one coming. not a direct hit for us which means all the rain and no cool wind. i notice that everything, i mean everything in our apartment is heavy and damp.

7:03 am. my blog stinks, nobody commented on last post so i took it down, along with a couple others. jean txts me, she’s at the gate with my coffee. oh i love this woman.

7:08 am. back at the computer ready to do something about that blog. read leslie’s  first, she’s brilliant.

7:30 am. time to talk turkey. today i will stuff (did I mention I also make my own stuffing?) and roast one 20lb turkey, bake 6 pies (that includes from scratch crust), make countless corn muffins, and dinner rolls (all from scrath, people), fellowship with some pretty amazing friends and eat way too much.

i remember being terrified at the thought of being old enough to be responsible for the turkey. i figured only really mature grown ups could cook a turkey. i’m neither mature, nor grown up, and my turkey’s goose is cooked!

I know, it’s been too long. Most likely noone even stops by this lonely abandoned site anymore. I have been SUPER busy. Let’s see, preparing for, and singing in a wedding, managing the SIL Philippines Guest House, organizing the food service for two workshops, participating in one of the workshops, serving on our barangay homeowner’s association, Going on my 2nd Honeymoon (more about that later), etc…

 Anyway, the aforementioned workshop will continue until the end of this week. It is a phase of our required cross cultural training. So far, I really am enjoying it. There’s always so much to learn, to just soak up.

 Today we were discussing the role of personality in conflict, and  seeing ourselves as God sees us verses how we see ourselves and how others see us. I was reminded of a reflective tool we were introduced to during a training a few years ago. It’s called the Johari Window (click to read about it).

 Anyway this thing really stuck out to me today as something I should pursue. So I did a little surfing and found an interactive Johari Window online. Please go HERE and click to highlight 5-6 words you feel best describe me.  Oh, and be honest.

 I’m really interested to see how it turns out.  Maybe you’ll want to do one for yourself.

I’m absolutely pooped. But was so worth it! We celebrated Allison’s 3rd Birthday with good food, and great friends.

I wish I had photos of us(myself and two friends), traipsing through the market in the pouring rain looking for fresh, just ripe fruit. 

Even better would be the looks on our friends faces when we told them the “dirt” was the cake. A first for them. But I was too busy in the kitchen. Here’s the shots we did manage to get. Most by Andrew.